Sunday, March 17, 2013

Real Men - Ladies Only

For some reason, men don't struggle with this as much a women do, but this is important. WE CAN'T MESS THIS UP ANYMORE LADIES! We can't create girly men! Men are very different from women and if we write stories about men who act like women we'll get some very nasty accusations from our Christian audience. Ah well. I suppose I need to tell you what - exactly - you, my lady friends, are doing wrong.

  • can separate feelings from what they need to do
  • tend to notice action rather than color (meaning they probably don't care about how the frilly dress your heroine is wearing flatters her eyes)
  • tend to dislike dependency. (money, skills)
  • tend to be blunt
  • have feelings about everything they endeavor
  • notice color over action
  • have a tendency not to have qualms about dependency 
  • will disguise their true feelings
This is not true for EVERY man. But most men are... well, masculine. They don't act like girls. So when you write about guys, it's important not to impose feelings on a male character that they really never would have. A guy won't put a half hour's thought into what he's wear so that a girl will notice. He won't be able to simply get together just to "get together" - he'll probably need a purpose. Guys are intentional. Crying isn't something they do, except on very, very significant occasions.

ANYWAYS. Girls, we need to start telling our stories straight. We need to write about real men.

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