Sunday, March 17, 2013

Writer Funnies

You know you're a writer when...

  1. you hear voices inside your head, but you KNOW you aren't crazy because they happen to be your characters.
  2. you are in the middle of doing something important, but you really wish you were staring at your computer screen because a new idea just hit you.
  3. someone does something really intriguing and your first thought is to work it into your novel.
  4. you stare at people in public places. 
  5. a two sided conversation happens, but no one else can see who you're talking to.
  6. you feel guilty about harming a fictitious being.
  7. you start to tell people that your story "tells itself"
  8. instead of counting sheep, you plan your next scene as you fall asleep.
  9. each character has a "distinct voice" inside your head as you read.
  10. your thoughts always come out better when you are writing than when you try to speak.
  11. you get distracted by the internet when you were actually just trying to research something for your novel.
  12. someone interrupts you and you have a panic attack because you're afraid the inspiration will leave.
  13. you have a list of names that you like just in case you have a character strikes you. 
  14. after a while... you become "so immersed" in the world of writing that you get WAY too picky about the books you read. 

we can laugh at ourselves right? we certainly are an odd bunch. That's what makes us so great though. The odd ones have more fun.

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